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We are seeing a rising trend of inappropriate behavior at public parks, particularly near children’s playgrounds. According to a Wall Street Journal article from August 8, 2016, “major crime in New York City parks are up 23%.” In places like Bowne Playground in Flushing, a children’s playground, there were two back-to-back cases of child molestation in one week in July 2016. Even though the regulations are clear in stating that adults without children cannot loiter around kids playgrounds, local authorities often do not enforce this law due to public complaints or lack of personnel.


App Features

Record Suspects

If you see an individual who is acting inappropriate by children, you can record their actions and save/share for later. 

Call Services

In the case of dire emergencies, you can make calls to 911 from the app (certain coverage is required for this service).

Social Sharing

Share and receive alerts from all your friends and family members on the Parent Patrol app. 


Get notifications directly to your smartphone of shady behavior at nearby public parks from other parents.

Parent Patrol App

Create Reports

Make a report and send it instantly to the proper authorities from the app.


Get up to the minute news alerts and reports from Parent Patrol and other members who make submissions on the app platform. 


Create the right settings for your profile and for your children. 


See all the recent inappropriate behavior at parks around the city reported by other parents and caretakers.

Ron Kim and Parent Patrol App

From Ron Kim

NY Assemblyman Ron Kim launched ParentPatrol to combat this problem by empowering parents and caregivers to monitor and report inappropriate behavior at kids playgrounds. Unlike the City’s 3-1-1 system, this app is hyper-localized and engages all community stakeholders, including elected officials and advocates, to combat unwanted behavior near our children.

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